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Suzanne Bibona checks out the early spring green near the southern end of Lower Rock Creek trail Photo/Wendilyn Grasseschi
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Lower Rock Creek trail is one of the best hikes/mountain bikes of the early spring season. The trail begins about a mile south of Toms Place and roughly parallels Lower Rock Creek Road for about eight miles to the community of Paradise, before the trail ends at the a parking area at an old resort. You can do several loop hikes since the trail crosses the road every few miles. The trail is considered to be one of the best mountain bike trails in the Eastern Sierra.

Length: 1-8 miles one way
Difficulty: Easy to moderately strenuous
Elevation gain and loss: 100-2,500 feet, depending on you!

Getting there
Drive to Toms Place and head south about 1 mile on U.S. 395 until you see the Lower Rock Creek Road on your right, or to the west. Exit the highway here and park at an obvious parking area a hundred yards or so from the highway. Cross the road carefully and enter the trail right above the creek.
Go as far as you like from the trailhead below Tom’s Place and retrace your route. Or, take another car down Lower Rock Creek Road and leave it at one of the two road crossings of the creek for a shuttle option. The stops are located at about 1.5 miles and at about 3 miles from the top of the trail where you started, making shuttle trips easy.