Hollywood, Disneyland, Dodger Stadium, Cirque de Soleil—Whew!

As the Senior Class President, I would like to thank everyone for their help in organizing and fund-raising for the Mammoth High School class of 2012 senior trip to Los Angeles.

Over Memorial Day Weekend, 62 students and eight chaperones had an amazing time.

We started with Grad Night at Disneyland, where we danced and went on rides until 3 a.m.  The next day was a pool party at the hotel with a pasta bar lunch, and then a trip to Hollywood with dinner at the Hard Rock Café, followed by tickets to the Kodak Theatre to see Iris, the Cirque du Solei production based on the history of cinema.

Clowns who come into the audience before the show gave us some very special attention.  Eli Martin and Bryson Blake received some very unique attention from the Red-Headed clown, and Perla Espitia learned that you can’t say good-bye to some clowns.

Mr. Solorio and Mr. Lehr decided they would start working out more so they could do a Cirque-like performance at the next high school assembly.

The next day we had a BBQ at Bolsa Chica State Beach where our BBQ expert Mr. Solorio and his compadre Andy Lehr grilled eight tri-tips to perfection. Juan (Pelon) Maldonado organized a massive four-hour soccer game with four teams, one that rotated in every seven minutes.

Mrs. Le Francois was the only casualty of the soccer match with two injuries, a massive bruise to her leg, followed by a ball in the face that led to her having to be pulled from the game.

After the beach party, the class returned to the hotel to get cleaned up and then headed to Dodger Stadium.

We had seats in the bleachers in the right field, and were amazed to find out that it was Dog Night—a Bark in the Park—in our section. There were a lot of dogs in Dodger Blue.

In addition to Dog Night, it was also all-you-can-eat night.

The Dodgers welcomed Mammoth High School on the scoreboard, and wished Jonny Lopez happy birthday. He turned 18 on the trip.

Tony Villa caught a warm-up ball tossed into the stands by center fielder Tony Gwynn Jr. and was able to get it autographed by Dodger great Steve Garvey. The Dodgers won with a walk-off home run in the bottom of the ninth to finish the four-hour game.

I would like to thank the community for their help fund-raising for this special weekend. All of you who bought Sees Candy, Senior Dinner Tickets at Shogun or Whiskey Creek, and purchased Christmas Trees from the Boosters Lot helped to make this trip happen.

Thanks to the Senior Class Leadership team that has been working all year to plan this trip: Kendall Tani, Vice-President; Michelle Fiebiger, Treasurer; Jesse Harris, Secretary; and Miguel Flores, Latino Representative.

Thanks also to chaperones Erin LeFrancois, Chris Cooper, Gabe Solorio, Andy Lehr, Leslie and Dan Dawson, and Rosanne Lampariello for taking four days to spend with us and for being willing to stay up late and function without much sleep.

And finally a giant, enormous, grand thank you to our wonderful senior adviser Erin Le Francois for thousands of hours of advising, admonishing, accounting for, and applauding the seniors to make this amazing weekend happen.