How Mammoth Lakes saved the world

Feb. 11, 2111

World leaders today gathered in the tiny mountain town of Mammoth Lakes, California, in homage to the people who a century ago solved the problems of the world.

They assembled at the monument to John Wentworth, a common citizen and folk hero. It was he who commissioned the document that today is known throughout the world as Revolution Strategies, or RevStrats, but then was simply known as Recreation Strategies, or RecStrats.

RecStrats helped guide the people of Mammoth Lakes into a coherent way to think about themselves and their warring factions.

They taxed themselves to pay for new stuff with the passage of the now-revolutionary Measure R and later, Measure U.

There were cross-country skiers, snowmobilers, runners, anglers, hikers, rock climbers, campers, mountain bikers, road cyclists, backcountry skiers and alpine skiers. There were town recreation programs, soccer players, tennis players and golfers. How to prioritize? How to fulfill the vision “To be the best alpine recreation community in the country?”

Then came the revolution in Egypt on Feb. 11, 2011, and an enterprising Egyptian seized on the formula while taking a run down Climax at Mammoth Mountain. He scampered back to Cairo. As the new government came together, soon followed “Measure E,” then the very first RevStrats: “To be the best desert recreation community in North Africa.”

There were stipulations. Measure E funds could not “supplant” existing features. That is, they could not be used to keep up maintenance on the old pyramids at Giza, which would be paid for as per usual.
Same thing for the world-class existing museums and the library in Alexandria..

But money for new pyramids? You bet. New libraries and museums? The same. There were arguments all over the place on what came to be known as “supplansion,” but the Egyptians got through it.

It worked. Then RevStrats began to spread, taking many forms in different areas in the world.
But the fact is, warring factions joined hands, under one vision. All they needed was a document to show them the way.

RevStrats saved the day, and to think that it all started in Mammoth Lakes, one hundred years ago to this day.

– By George Shirk