Jazz with altitude: 25 and still alive

When it comes to putting on an event as large as the 25th Mammoth Lakes Jazz Jubilee, it really does take a town.

What most people see and hear is the finished result of over a whole year’s worth of work by a small army of very dedicated volunteers.

The tents that go up and come down very quickly, the variety of music played that fills the air all hours of the day and night during the event, the amount of increased foot traffic in several locations around town, and the many smiling faces were all part of this annual July event.

A very big thank you goes out to everyone in and outside of Mono County who helped make this Jazz Jubilee a success.

Thanks to those of you who contributed time, effort and money (a very much needed item: band sponsors and “note-ables”), allowed the use of your land or indoor establishments as venues, and provided band member lodging.

Thank you to those who helped create and maintain good water sources, the wood chip providers and spreaders, the much needed electricians for all of the sites, the invaluable bus/trolley drivers, the food and drink vendors, the live trees and color bowl provider, heavy equipment owners/operators, for the use of Mammoth Mountain facilities and equipment, CERT members and trailer usage, badge design and creators, poster and program makers, souvenir sellers, storage space providers, site preparation groups, t-shirt printers, the beautiful “chippies,” AA group, waste and trash removal provider, Volunteer barbecue providers, basket creators, soda and water gatherers, sound and lighting technicians, ice/beer providers, fuel providers, Jazz camp volunteers, Camp High Sierra and LAD of R & P for Jazz Camp housing, LAD of W&P  and Southern California Edison for equipment use, and the photographers who capture the many special moments.

Thank you to the many, many wonderful volunteers and their managers who gave thousands of hours over the course of this last year—especially during the event. What a great town!

Mother nature provided us with mostly sunny and warm days, but also provided a lot of wind and colder temps in the evenings, which made the tents very handy this year. 

According to the surveys, the attendees came from all over the United States plus Canada this year. We were concerned about the economy and how it might affect the event, but fortunately, gas prices stabilized in most places and those who came said they had a lovely time.

Thanks again to the town of Mammoth Lakes, Measure U monies, and Mono County money for helping us to put on our best face for our many out of town visitors.

We look forward to next July 16-20 for Jazz Jubilee number 26. 

Wow, who would have thought it would continue for so many great years, oh so long ago?

It is our time to step back and reflect on what has been created, and what will continue. There may be new faces as your “leaders,” but Mammoth Jazz will go on. At least that is our hope.

The Jazz Camp is a very important component as far as keeping the many styles of Jazz alive and well; we would like to see that continue also.

Many decisions have to be made in the very near future, but we will keep you posted.        

Think Jazz!

Ken & Flossie Coulter

Mammoth Lakes