Jonny Walker's "Last Call" — A mud run on the rocks

On Friday afternoon, if you were trying to drive up Canyon Blvd, you would have been surprised to see a sight unique to this town—a large gathering of mud covered teams dressed in strange but matching outfits all showering together in the middle of the road.

There was a Mammoth Brewing Co. team, the Westin showed strong, a wedding party in their dresses showed up, and I even spotted a roller derby team. No short of fun and creativity here.
After I spent some time enjoying the sights of people clawing through the mud and sliding down a 60-foot slip and slide, I decided I better go back and finish my work day.
But the evening awaited me, with more food and music back at the Village at the Mammoth Rocks musical lineup, hosted by the Mammoth Lakes Chamber of Commerce. 
Checking out the lineup for Mammoth Rocks, there were a few groups playing I was familiar with.
I was pleased to have this opportunity to see them again live. Buster Blue, The Core Shots, Delta Nove, and Jeremiah Red are just a few of the many great sounds that hit the streets of Mammoth this past weekend.
I enjoyed this event with some of my close friends. We ate awesome food from CJ’s Grill and had tasty treats from Mimi’s Cookie Bar—the place were sweets are made with love.
You can’t have a party without some drinks though! And the choices were plentiful.
You could have a margarita or go with a Jack and Coke. 
I stuck with Golden Trout, one of Mammoth’s best known local brews. 
I think next year they should add a drink called “A Mud Run on the Rocks.” 
With evening turning to night, a beautiful sunset covered the back drop of the outdoor main stage.  
The energy-filled set from the well respected rock group, Agent Orange, was just finishing and the headliners were prepping their attack.  
I don’t think I have seen as many people smashing there bodies together at the front of any outdoor venue.  
Then Fishbone quickly appeared from back stage. The atmosphere was electric. Along with microphones, drum sets, and guitars there were saxophones, trumpets, and even a trombone.
A couple different band members went surfing atop the hands of the enthusiastic crowd. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a crowd surfer at the Village before.
No wait. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a crowd surfer in Mammoth Lakes.
A bunch of different individuals came together to create this hodgepodge of a gathering. 
As the songs got stronger and the drinks were emptied, a mosh pit emerged. 
Every body in the middle was dancing and hopping around, bumping off each other and shouting the lines of the song.
Crowd surfing and a mosh pit pretty much elevated this event in my book. It was a true rock concert that everyone enjoyed (don’t worry, no one was hurt). 
So if you didn’t get out of bed after your post mud run nap this year, make sure you have an energy snack and get your head-bobbin, rock-lovin’ self in the crowd next year.
Up next
Straw hats, leather shoes and an ear for good dixie, Mammoth is welcoming another new event to the summer festival lineup this year with its first Bluegrass Festival.
I can’t wait to get my fingers buttery with some corn on the cob and sit down to a knee slappin’ good time. The lovely and unique sounds of banjos and fiddles always get the spirits high. 
That, combined with over 100 fine artist and craftsmen sharing the fruits of their labors at the Labor Day Arts Festival should make for a culture filled experience that you shouldn’t miss. See you there… Ciao.    
Jonny Walker—and that’s his real, birth name—makes a living by teaching snowboarding, repairing mountain bikes, and guiding groups of adventure seekers down white water rapids. He’s also the creator/founder of Snarvz (a facemask used for winter sports), a passionate fine artist, and has a tan and black dog named Guinness. When he’s not working, he treats his taste buds to the sweet variety of delicacies found throughout the Eastern Sierra’s many festivals, bars, and happy hours. He may be contacted at or you can find his number in the bathroom stall of your local pub. His column reflects his own views and not necessarily those of the Mammoth Times.