June Lake man, Chuck Daily, dies Tuesday

A June Lake man, Charles William "Chuck" Daily, has died after an apparent suicide Tuesday.

A close friend of Daily’s, Alona Kenny, told the MT that friends found Daily’s body in his home Tuesday afternoon.

Daily, 71, was a long-time June Lake resident, and well known within the community.

“He was a man of integrity,” Kenny, a former June Lake resident, said. “He was the kind of man who would, when my daughter’s car broke down and she needed to get to school in Reno, lend her his brand new Honda for three week. What kind of guy would let a 21-year-old borrow his car? He was that king of man.”

Kenny said that she believed Daily was “in a lot of pain” from some kind of illness.

“He was a very private man, though, so he did not tell people that much,” she said.

Daily was known for his love of his dogs, including his current dog, Molly, whom he would take on long snowshoe walks in the winter with friends. He was a retired, former fire chief in the Los Angeles area, and was also known for his hand-made walking sticks, his beautiful strained-glass windows of raccoons in his June Lake lakeside home, and his love of the outdoors.

“He was a great, wonderful, private, dog-loving man,” said another friend, Jill Wallentine.

A statement from the Mono County Sheriffs Department Wednesday stated that Daily died from a “self inflicted gunshot wound.”

The final sheriff’s report was not available at press time.

The June Lake Fire Department and the county sheriffs department responded to the call.