Kendall to replace Booth as D.A.


The Mono County Board of Supervisors Tuesday appointed Assistant District Attorney Tim Kendall to fill the remainder of retiring District Attorney George Booth’s term, which ends in 2014.

Kendall was appointed by the county board of supervisors with a 5-0 vote. The appointment took place as part of a public hearing Tuesday, a decision made last week when the supervisors agreed making the appointment fully transparent was critical.

“Tim is a great leader, a great lawyer, and great friend and he’s also an excellent manager,” Booth said. “I’m very proud to stand with this man.”

The county district attorney position is an elected position, but Booth said it is common practice when filling an unexpired district attorney’s term to appoint someone to the position, then allow the voters to choose whom they want at the next election.

For its part, the board was over-the-top appreciative of Kendall.

“I’m in favor 150 percent,” said District 3 Supervisor Vikki Bauer, whose sentiments were echoed by the other supervisors.

“I don’t usually take a stand when it comes to elected officials, but in this case, since he is being appointed,  (I can say) it’s been a true pleasure working with the District Attorney’s office. They are true professionals and it’s easy for me to recommend him to be appointed to the district attorney’s office,” said Mammoth Lakes Police Chief Dan Watson.

“I couldn’t think of anyone better,” said audience member Bob Peters, who said he has known the Kendall family for many years.

There was no opposition to the appointment.

“I’m overwhelmed by the support and the vote of confidence,” Kendall said. “There is no job more satisfying than serving my community as a public prosecutor. It is an honor and I am so proud of what I do and the men and women in the District Attorney’s office that work so hard day in and day out to help ensure that we live in a safe place.

Kendall graduated in 1985 from Baylor University and worked several years before going back and getting his law degree in 1993. 

He was hired by Stan Eller, former district attorney of Mono County, in 1994 and has been the county’s assistant district attorney for 13 years, with four years prior to that as one of the county’s deputy district attorneys.

He has been married 18 years to Shannon Kendall and has one daughter. He has lived in June Lake, Bridgeport and Mammoth Lakes.