On behalf of the Mammoth Lakes Foundation and the Mammoth Lakes Repertory Theatre, I’d like to thank our guests and sponsors who made the 2010/2011 season at Edison Theatre a huge success! I am truly honored by the number of sold out nights and cannot express enough thanks to all of you.

All of our patrons were so gracious to our guest artists and made them feel at home in Mammoth. From Beau Bridges and his family to Gail Matthius and her improv group, everyone who performed at Edison Theatre is excited to return.

Keep an eye out for the Mammoth Lakes Repertory Theatre’s female version of “The Odd Couple” in September, which kicks off another amazing season of theatre. Please keep up your support and don’t forget about Sierra Classic Theatre’s Shakespeare outdoors at Sam’s Wood Site in July. If we keep this up, the Cultural Center is just around the corner.
Thanks again for your support. We live in an awesome community!
Shira Dubrovner, Artistic Director
Mammoth Lakes Repertory Theatre

One thing is clear to me – great communities don’t happen by accident. They are formed by strong leaders with vision and purpose. They are formed by people who enjoy life completely and aren’t necessarily interested in what is coolest, the hippest, and what may make the best impression or increase their wealth. Aside from our thin, unpolluted air, middle-of-nowhere pristine mountain environment, recreation galore, dedication to the arts, pleasant potpourri of ethnicity, creed and color, sparse population, and that wonderful live-and-let-live liberal ideology (sorry neocons, the original non-demonized definition of the word liberal remains intact here), I believe our community has entered into a golden age in terms of being part of a connected, purposeful, creative community.

I recall hearing the Dalai Lama speak at the University of Utah years ago. The man was as playful and humorous as always... with wisdom seldom seen in today’s “It’s all about me” or “I’m a better American than you” divided political climate. As he spoke one statement really hit a nerve with me. Someone asked him for general life advice and he said (to paraphrase), “The best advice for life is not to expect it to be easy. It’s not going to be easy. Just accept that and value growth, not ease.”
Considering what may lie ahead for this community with its myriad of problems created by poor judgment and controlled by the usual suspects sucked-up to development company A, B or C, I think the humble man in his patched saffron robe may be on to something.

It seems to me that some interesting synchronicity is happening. Like magic, talented, dedicated people are finding their way to our mountain Eden bent on making a difference rather than making a buck from the latest real estate prize wheel. In my short time here, I am continuously impressed with the caliber of my friends and neighbors. Some of the smartest, the funniest, most talented people I have ever met live here. Yes, there are still those who cannot seem to break their old habit of clenching their teeth when they talk – but we forgive and accept them just the same. I believe it’s a good idea to accept that there are some tough choices ahead and there will be fights. People don’t readily want to accept change. Even the word progressive has been demonized by one movement. But if I am correct in reading the amazing people of this community – fighting the good fight is as natural for them as breathing the sweet, cool mountain air.
Dennis Kostecki
Mammoth Lakes

The Mono Lake Committee was joined on Friday, April 29 by a wonderful group of Andrea Lawrence’s family, friends and supporters at the first annual Andrea Lawrence Award Dinner. We would like to thank Rusty Gregory and Mammoth Mountain Ski Area for their generous sponsorship of the dinner. This very special event would have been impossible without their help. We are equally grateful to the Lawrence family for their constant support.

The gathering was held in the Parallax Restaurant at McCoy Station on Mammoth Mountain, where guests had a spectacular sunset view of the landscape Andrea loved. A diverse group of speakers related favorite memories of Andrea and their hopes that her legacy will live on through the Mono Lake Committee’s Andrea Lawrence Fund.

The event culminated in the presentation of the Andrea Lawrence Award to the Eastern Sierra Audubon Society, whose work to initiate the Owens Lake Master Plan process reflected the spirit of collaboration for which Andrea was a tireless advocate.

Thank you to all who came to share your evening with us. We look forward to seeing both old friends and new at the next Andrea Lawrence Award Dinner in the spring of 2012. In the meantime, learn more about the Award Dinner and the Andrea Lawrence Fund on our website, www.monolake.org/mlc/alad.
Julia Runcie
Mono Lake Committee

I would like to thank Shira Dubrovner, Artistic Director at the Edison Theatre here in Mammoth for having a good sense of what kind of entertainment our community needs by bringing the Spolin Players, a seasoned improvisational group from Los Angeles to Mammoth Lakes.

The Spolin Players really put on a great show. I understand this is ‘improv’ but it was so well done that I found myself thinking, ‘this has to be scripted!’ Laughter is one of the best of medicines and so that night was just what the doctor ordered with no negative side effects and appropriate for the whole family. I hope you will be able to bring this great troupe back again.
Kathy Brown
Mammoth Lakes