Los Angeles, Mono County try to find common ground

The county’s largest landfill, the Benton Crossing landfill, is living on borrowed time.The landfill sits on Los Angeles Department of Water and Power land, and in the past few years, the city has made it clear it wants the site to be rehabilitated as soon as possible after the landfill is full in 2023—with no hope of expanding the site to accommodate growth.

This means a new landfill, or exporting waste out of the area, both of which will be expensive.

In the mean time, the city is demanding changes to the operation and monitoring of the landfill that are “fairly unfavorable” to the county, county counsel Stacey Simon told the county board of supervisors Tuesday.

One of those “unfavorable” terms is a shorter lease term than what the county had hoped for—one year instead of five. The county is also under increasing pressure from the state to cooperate with the Town of Mammoth Lakes to create a recycling facility that can divert a large majority of all the county’s garbage away from the landfill.

At the same time, the county is losing money on the landfill, and county supervisors noted last week that rate hikes and/or cutting services is inevitable sometime in the near future.