Lower Rock Creek Road Reopens; Power Problems Remain

Wendilyn Grasseschi
Times Reporter

Lower Rock Creek Road is now open from the upper 395 intersection to Pine Creek Road as of Feb. 10.

Residents are urged to pay attention to the issue, however, as conditions could change.

According to the area's county supervisor, Fred Stump, there are flooded signs posted as snow runoff is close to running over the road in spots. Trees in the road have also been a problem so watch out for them. Inyo County has no plans to close the road on their side.

"I am informed that barricades have been placed by Inyo in sections that suffered road edge damage last Tuesday," he said. "There was also a bulldozer working to try and keep more water from overrunning that portion. Inyo Supervisor Totheroh is supporting the work on the Inyo side. Please drive slow on the road and try and avoid driving on the outside edge.

The power also went out in South County in several areas. Stump said, "I spoke with a SCE representative about the power situation. They have moved two additional repair crews into the area. The problems in Swall and Crowley were caused by a transmission line problem at the substation near Tom's Place. There have also been wind related power issues near McGee. I will continue to stay in contact with SCE for the next couple of days.

"If you are not doing it already please consider carrying extra clothes when you travel and have a plan for your animals if for some reason you cannot get home. I was caught in Mammoth (yesterday) when 395 closed."

The storm is expected to continue throughout the day and into tomorrow morning.