Mammoth bears are better behaved than our town council

One bear got out of line and went to Vons for some apples, but at least we have a Wildlife Specialist to teach them it is out of bounds.

Why don’t we have someone to step in when the town council gets out of control?

Our black bears know they can’t violate the Brown Act, but council members don’t know better than to conduct “serial meetings” individually with someone they want to launch into the town manager’s position. 

We need a Council Wildlife Specialist to jump in here. 

We have a town attorney, but he only speaks when asked. 

We have a group of elected officials who can’t stand the truth from a town employee: that they need to choose a candidate for a job at the airport from applicants who have qualifications for that work. 

They can’t just hire some shirt-tail relative who needs a job. 

Where is our specialist to tell council members it is inappropriate to harass that employee into resigning because they don’t like the real world of public employment policy? 

These individuals who keep recycling bad ideas deserve to be yelled at:  “Bad official! Bad official!”

And then our specialist should shoot them with rubber bullets to modify their behavior.

Clint Hyde

Mammoth Lakes