The Mammoth Lakes Foundation is to be applauded

“It’s evident to those of us who love Mammoth, that though ski slopes and mountain air may have brought us here, our community also needs facilities that exhilarate the mind,” says Dave McCoy, Founder of Mammoth Lakes Foundation and Mammoth Mountain Ski Area.

At a recent town council meeting, one veteran councilman was insistent upon having a letter written into the record from one visitor that stated: “… if it weren’t for the recreation (in Mammoth), there’d be no reason to go there.”  This clearly supports Mr. McCoy’s feelings that something of cultural value is needed in this community (irrespective of snowpack or other recreational experiences). 
The Mammoth Lakes Foundation is to be applauded for its support of an Arts & Cultural Center dedicated to work in the performing and visual arts that will most assuredly become the cultural apple of Mammoth Lakes’ eye. It may even create some much-needed jobs as part of the fastest-growing business in the world—the Creative Economy.
Another ski town, Park City (1,000 people less than Mammoth), is keenly aware of the Creative Economy and is constructing a movie studio, entertainment center, and digital media complex. Coincidentally, property values in that arts-laden town are on the rise. 
The growing amount of dedicated, arts-minded citizens who are a part of the Mammoth Lakes Foundation are working in tandem to support its artisans and its arts projects, insuring that our cultural needs and those of our visitors will be met. 
Critical thinking naturally occurs under the influence of art. Art and culture takes you out of your usual routine and lifts you to new heights and understanding. 
The arts and culture continue to flourish here and enjoyed by the masses and bon vivant alike. 
This is occurring despite the usual suspects in power positions who cannot grasp the importance of art and culture and the notion of a successful community being likened to a man rowing upstream: The oars must remain in the water while moving forward constantly—or drift hopelessly backward.
Dennis Kostecki
Mammoth Lakes