Mammoth Margarita Festival not a solo venture

Thank you for the recent write up and post event coverage of the Mammoth Margarita Festival. 

As an event producer, I could not be happier with the recognition and press coverage of the first annual Mammoth Margarita Festival.

To see an idea created by three like-minded people take flight and soar is certainly up there in goal-attainment. 

However,  I feel especially compelled to reiterate that this was not by any stretch a “solo” venture.

The festival was and remains a truly equal partnership.

This event was conjured up, created, and directed by three driven, passionate people who have a penchant for fun, an appreciation for fine tequila, and a love of Latin and Flamenco music.

Without partners and co-creators extraordinaire Michael Ledesma and Russ Squire, the Mammoth Margarita Festival would have been a pipe dream.

Their tireless efforts, boundless energy and inspiring knowledge are what brought the event to fruition. Without Michael and Russ, the synergy that fueled the event would not have been possible.  

I am proud to have shared in their vision.

We look forward to next year and seeing familiar faces and new ones as well.

Mark Deeds
Mammoth Lakes