Mammoth skiers race back in time

If you didn’t know what was happening, skiers on Mammoth Mountain last Tuesday might have thought it was 1976 all over again.

Or 1982.

Or—OMG—the 1950s.

Rather, it was a bunch of Village Championship ski racers, decked out in vintage gear, zooming through bamboo gates and wearing those oh-so-bright jumpsuits (or worse!) from the past.

By far, the biggest star of the day was Reini Albrecht in authentic 1950s German skis outfit with matching wooden skis. Albrecht’s skis were 213.5cm, or seven feet, long.

For perspective, the vintage race ski sizes were from 180cm to 205cm. The average size ski in use now is a about 153cm to 178cm, on occasion 186cm being long.

Also starring in the Vintage Parade was Ralph Lehotsky on his model 810 K2 skis with Marker MRR Explodeomatic bindings. 

These are bindings that if you came out of them, you had to put them back together. 

(It took Ralph sometime to remember how to put them back together.)

Not wanting to be left out of the fun, Mammoth Mountain Race Department members Brent Forsythe, Kevin Kermode and Lehotsky all skied together on vintage gear to the Fascination start. It was a sight to see—short swing turns—and they didn’t crash!

The winners of the Vintage Races were Corey Denton, Doug Howell and Adam Gooch.

Meanwhile, there were actual races—the next-to-last races in this season’s challenging VC series.

The top skiers and snowboarders all year continued to hold serve, as did the teams. 

However, Ryan Carey, Eric Smith and Bryant Wells all put in strong performances, and could very well be a factor in the head-to-head elimination finals next Tuesday.

In the dual GS, Kelly Duff, Howell and Mike Braun finished 1-2-3 in the Legends “A” division. 

In the Men’s “A” Division, Brian Ognisty, Gooch and Denton hit the podium, while Tom Petersen, Paul Cucura and Jim Dugan finished 1-2-3. 

Finally, in the Men’s “B” race, Zach Ergish, David Hawtry and Ben Voss finished 1-2-3.

On the women’s side, Valarie Porges, Kara Munsey and Janine Porges took the top three spots.

In the snowboarding competition, John Connolly took the top spot, with Marcello Chavez and Andrew McKenzie in second and third.

Isabel Connolly, as usual, took the women’s snowboarding top spot, while Jamie Callanan claimed first in Telemark.

Among the teams, Andie’s Flying Circus, Vintage Masters and the Miramar Dinosaurs held the top three spots going into the final races next week. 

In the Recreational Division, Das Scheisse Pro, F.R.O.G.S., Individuals and Team Schnell und Wuetend held down the top spots.