Mammoth Storm Closes Schools, Roads Dangerous

Staff Writer

It's dumping fat, heavy, wet flakes at a rate of an inch an hour. Mammoth roads are a big, sloppy mess and the snow is forecast to continue to come down at a dumpage rates for the rest of the day. This is good news for Mammoth, however; it was supposed to rain until later this afternoon then turn to snow, but instead, it's been snowing most of the night.

Schools are closed and if you are living in town and have not been plowed out, you are most likely stuck in your driveway or parking lot due to the heavy, heavy snow.

However, the road from Bishop and points south is still black pavement right to the 203/395 junction, making for a lot of very surprised drivers coming into town this am.

Don't come to Mammoth without carrying chains. They are required north of Mammoth on U.S. 395 in many areas to the Nevada border.

Here's the link to the Caltrans road conditions site: