Mammoth Student Faces Terrorist Threat Charges; AR-15 Found at Home

Wendilyn Grasseschi
Times Reporter

Numerous weapons, including an AR-15 rifle, were found at the Mammoth home of a Mammoth High School student who was arrested April 24 on charges of terrorist threats against the school staff/students.

According to the Mono County District Attorney’s office, the student, Devin Raymond White, 18, was arraigned in Mono County Superior Court on April 26.

He pled not guilty to felony charges of criminal threats, and to possessing a shuriken, a weapon that is illegal in California, according to District Attorney Tim Kendall.

White is being held at the Mono County Jail in Bridgeport on no bail. A bail hearing is set for April 30, Kendall said.

According to Kendall, on April 23, an arrest warrant and search warrant were obtained for the arrest of White and a search of his parent’s residence where he lives.

Mammoth Lakes Police Department, in a joint operation with the California Highway Patrol and the Mono County District Attorney’s Office, executed the arrest warrant on White the morning of April 24, and he was placed into custody without incident on his way to school, according to Kendall.

At the same time, the search warrant was executed by law enforcement at the residence where numerous shotguns, handguns and an AR-15 style rifle were located and seized, Kendall said.

At this time, it is believed that White was acting on his own and no other individuals are suspected to be involved, Kendall said.
Mammoth Unified School District campuses were all closed for the day on April 24 in order to facilitate the safe apprehension of White after he had made numerous threats that law enforcement deemed credible.

The call to close the schools was made by Mammoth law enforcement officials, who said in previously reported articles on this subject that they were worried that White might act, or avoid apprehension, if school was in session that day.

According to Kendall, on April 23, law enforcement was made aware of “a troubling pattern of conduct and statements” by White.

“White’s conduct and statements led law enforcement to take immediate action to prevent the possibility of violence to school staff and students,” he said in a news release.

“Starting late last year in the month of November, several statements of concern were made by Mr. White,” Kendall said. “In November, Mr. White made a statement to school staff that he wanted to make a bomb. Then during class, in February of this year, he made a gesture with his hands depicting shooting guns at his classmates.

“The following day, Mr. White made a direct threat to staff that he was going to “shoot up the school,”” Kendall said.

“Finally, in April, right before the school’s spring break, staff overheard Mr. White being asked by another student when he was going to do it? During this time, Mr. White had also indicated to several students that he was going to bring an AR-15 to school,” Kendall said.

On April 23, upon returning from the spring break, school officials shared the entirety of this information with law enforcement, Kendall said.

“Investigators with the Office of the District Attorney, working with the Mammoth Lakes Police Department, confirmed that Mr. White did in fact have access to numerous firearms including an AR-15 style, semi-automatic rifle,” he said. “Law enforcement was also aware of Mr. White due to several other investigations over the last six months including an alleged vandalism and possession of a shuriken, a sharp metal throwing device which is illegal in California.”