Mammoth Times gets active in social media and on Web

The Mammoth Times this past week launched a re-designed website at, and at the same time announced its presence on Facebook and Twitter.

“The new features and functionality of the website will ensure that our readers are kept current and up to date on all the exciting events and happenings in and around Mammoth Lakes,” said publisher Heather McKie.
“The site is vibrant and vital and will be a must-read every day. The new site reflects our ongoing commitment to this community and our readers.”
The Times also announced the addition of Facebook and Twitter to its media quiver.
“All media throughout the world recognize the importance and functionality of social media,” said Diane Eagle, editor of the Times.
“We are very aware that many people who are interested in the news frequently access it by the use of social media, whether by desktop computing or by handheld devices.
“We want them to have an opportunity to keep up with the people and events in Mammoth.”
To get to the paper’s Facebook page, merely search  for “Mammoth Times.” The Twitter account, she said, is at, MamTimes.