Mammoth Times shifts to Thursday


‘Getting a jump’ on weekends

The Mammoth Times will begin appearing on Thursdays instead of Fridays, beginning April 18, according to publisher and editor Aleksandra Gajewski.

“We’ve made the decision to switch for several reasons, all of them resulting in what we believe to be a win-win-win for the newspaper’s readers, advertisers, and subscribers,” Gajewski said.

“Printing the paper on Thursdays will allow an extra day to cover what’s coming up on the weekends here in the Eastern Sierra. We’re lucky to live in such an active location, both for tourists and for locals, and publishing on Thursdays will give everyone an extra day to plan for the immediate weekend and following week.

“This switch also will give classified and display advertisers an advantage to inform the public of their sales, opportunities, and promotions a day early, getting a jump on an increasingly active summer season with festivals, races, and events planned for every weekend.”

Finally, Gajewski said the switch anticipates announced changes in postal service delivery schedules.

“Those who subscribe with the Mammoth Times and who live out of Mono and Inyo counties will also benefit from the switch,” she said.

“Since the United States Postal Service will discontinue delivering mail on Saturdays beginning in July, our subscribers will not be affected and will still receive the paper in a timely manner, as opposed to any delays caused by the elimination of Saturday delivery.”

The Times’ sister newspaper, the Inyo Register, also publishes a Thursday edition, creating blanket coverage up and down the Eastside, Gajewski said.