Mammoth Weighs in on Orlando Shootings.

Staff Writer

The shooting in the Orlando gay club saddened and angered a nation, including many Mammoth residents.
“It is absolutely horrible,” said Greg Newbry. “Of course, we should not let fear dictate our reactions and that is likely what is going to happen, that some people will fearful. We need to educate people, this is what made America what it is, all of use being able to live together.”
“Holy crap! Said Elana Entin. “It is unbelievable. I wish I did have a solution for hate, for the #$#% haters. But I don’t.”
“It’s not gun control,” said Scott Bartholomew. “We have to keep the Second Amendment. But maybe we should talk about banning assault weapons. They maybe should just be used for war. This is a tragedy. This should not have happened.”