Mark Brownlie is movin' on up ... the ski hill

Mark Brownlie is making his way up the mountain, and he’s darned near the top.

The head coach of the Mammoth Mountain Ski team last week earned a promotion, becoming the ski area’s Managing Director of Athletics.

"It's a great honor," Brownlie said in his signature Scottish accent.

"I look forward to creating new possibilities for the Community Foundation and to keep the goal of having the best race department and race team in the country."

“In this new role,” said senior vice-president Bill Cockroft, “Mark will oversee the Junior Team that currently has ski and freestyle teams and the Junior Snowboard team managed by Ben Wisner, as well as the Race Department, managed by Beat Hupfer.

“Mark will represent the interests of athletics with the Mammoth Mountain Community Foundation, and he has been and will continue to work with the Mammoth Unified School District and other educational institutions to ensure that our athletes are supported in their academic pursuits while achieving their best personal results athletically and academically.”

In addition, Cockroft said, Brownlie will develop organizing committees to design and implement special events to support and highlight MMSA’s teams and their position in the snowsport industry, and he will design and operate off-season events, activities and revenue centers as summer camps, training facilities and other athletic endeavors.

And let's not ignore the summer, Brownlie said.

"The other part of this is integrating the our own community and the Southern California community, and other people from around the world ,to enjoying Mammoth summer activities."

Before coming to Mammoth to work as a Race Department worker and Masters Coach in 1997, Brownie ran ski schools in New Zealand as well as schools and a tour ski business in Scotland.

He was promoted to FIS Team Coach in 1999. In 2002, he was promoted to head coach of the ski team. In 2006 he became program director and head coach.

In 2008, Mark was the key driver for the development of the Mammoth Mountain Community Foundation and the creation of the Mammoth Invitational.