A mistake in the Dec. 7 editorial


I’d like to respond to the Dec. 7 Times Editorial regarding the Town Council’s approval of the Restructuring Plan at its Dec. 5 meeting. 

I’d like to correct a statement in the piece that indicates I’m putting out the word that if calls aren’t answered promptly, don’t blame me or the other members of the Police Department.  

I have no intention of that and at this point, there is no point in placing blame on anyone.  

The Town Council was faced with an extremely difficult job of finding the funds from an already meager budget to pay the lawsuit settlement. 

Their decision to reduce the Police Department’s budget by over $1.1 million was made after serious consideration of all the global issues impacting the Town, its budget, and the services provided.

While I have been on record as being opposed to cuts in police staffing, the final decision has been made and its now my responsibility to accept the challenges created by a dramatic cut in the Police budget. 

I accept that challenge.

The other members of the Police Department and I are committed to continue to provide the best service we can with whatever resources we have. 

We have been directed to absorb a sizeable reduction in the budget without impacting the quality service. 

While that will be extremely difficult to accomplish, it is my goal that our residents and visitors will not notice any and change in service. 

As always, if anyone would like to provide feedback on the service they’ve received, whether positive or negative, I encourage them to call, write, or email me.  

Dan Watson

Chief of Police