Mono County has a new, rolling restaurant

BRIDGEPORT—A new restaurant opened its doors this past month in Mono County, and judging by the lines outside of Ohanas395, it’s already a hit.

The trick, if there is one, is in finding the doors.

That’s because Ohanas395 is a Hawaiian Style Food Trailer, owned and operated by Rena McCullough, a longtime June Lake resident.

“Opening a restaurant requires a lot of work,” she reasoned. “This is easier.”

It also is arguably better.

The distinctive orange trailer last Tuesday was parked behind the Mono County Courthouse in Bridgeport. That day, the Board of Supervisors met in regular session, and the meeting had no shortage of hungry customers.

Employees, department heads and other Mono County people filled the board chambers to hear a “mid-year budget report,” and it was standing room only.

When the board broke for lunch, so did many of the spectators, making a beeline to Ohanas395 and making the most out of an uncharacteristically warm day.

In the truck itself were McCullough, who many immediately recognized as the face behind the Latte Da’ coffeehouse in Lee Vining, along with helpers Carson Roberts and Cortney Duro.

McCullough said business so far has been solid, and ought to pick up in the summer months, when the truck will find a semi-permanent home in Lee Vining.

She also said the food truck will find its way to Mono County’s plethora of summer events.

“We’re already signed up for Bluesapalooza,” she said.

Judging by the line outside the truck, she won’t have trouble finding customers.

On this particular day in Bridgeport, the lunch menu looked like this:

Burritos—veggie, pork or chicken with beans and cheese served with salsa and sour cream. $5.

Teriyaki Chicken Plate Lunch. Small $5. Large $8.5.

5-Bean Salad marinated in a soy-lime vinaigrette served with quinoa on a bed of greens and lightly drizzled with a sweet sesame dressing. $8.50.

On Wednesday, having rolled back to Lee Vining to the Shell parking lot at the intersection with U.S. 395, the truck was open 7 a.m. to 2 p.m., with a menu that included:

Sweet Onion Turkey Meatballs with rice and salad. Small $5.50. Large $9.

5-bean and quinoa salad $8.

Toast w/Nutella or peanut butter and bananas $3.

McCullough said her food truck this week would be in Lee Vining, while the truck would find a space in front of June Lake’s Alpine Deli during the weekend.

“I’m so excited to be open so many days and to be able to get to see my friends in all three communities,” she said.