Mono County schools escape cuts—twice—in 2012

Saved by the bell

Mono County school districts entered 2012 under the serious threat of severe state budget cuts.

Both of the county’s school districts—Mammoth Unified and Eastern Sierra Unified—made cuts early in the year, trimming hundreds of thousands of dollars from budgets that could ill afford it.

In June, Mammoth Unified got a break when district voters agreed to renew a property tax measure.

In November, the voters of California gave both districts a break, voting for Gov. Jerry Brown’s Proposition 30 and salvaging the schools from more Draconian threats.

The proposition increased the sales tax by a quarter-cent and raise income taxes by one to three percentage points for residents earning more than $250,000.

For Mammoth Unified, that translated to $500,000 in cuts. Another about $600,000 was salvaged by the property tax measure, Measure S.

The two voter-approved measures leave the schools of Mono County battered and bruised from years of state budget cuts—but they’re still standing.

Mammoth High School also lost several long-standing teachers in 2012: Jim Barnes, the independent study teacher; Deidre Buchholz, a longtime math teacher; Ross McGlothlin, an economics teacher; Kevin Worden, a drama teacher; and Jennifer Wilson, a special resources teacher.