Mountain Bike Jib Session at June Mountain

Friday the 13th is a day that’s been widely considered unlucky. Those who happen to ride at June Mountain this past Friday the 13th would beg to differ. Three lucky locals and one budding international star turned an supposedly unlucky day into a prosperous one. Local shredders Pete Roman, Alex McCoy and Mike Fucci and Cove Bikes/5.10/Troy Lee factory-sponsored rider Mikey Sylvestri opted for an entirely different approach to the lack of snow as of late. The fortuitous foursome swapped their skis and boards for bikes and launched themselves into the air for the first-ever mountain bike jib session in June Mountain’s Unbound Terrain Park.  The lucky crew of four boosted everything in sight, including their own snow-starved spirits. All the action was caught by local film crew Blue Tip Productions and local photographer Matt Clausen. Search YouTube for “Mountain Bike Jib Session at June Mountain” to watch highlights of the action on video. Photo/Matt Clausen