New details on Chalfant boy who called 911 on intruder

New details have emerged about the 9-year-old Chalfant boy who called 911 March 1 when his mother’s husband broke into the boy’s house and threatened her.

The man, Bryce Williams, was under a restraining order filed by the boy’s mother at the time of the incident, and was subsequently arrested after he led law enforcement on a high speed chase to Bishop. The boy, his mother and the boy’s two-year-old brother were able to escape and were unharmed.

But the story could have had a much worse ending if it were not for the boy (name withheld to protect privacy), according to Mono County Sheriff’s Deputy Jim Gordon, who responded to the call on the morning of March 1.

“He did everything right,” Gordon said. “He knew exactly what to do and it may have saved his mother and brother’s lives.”

Gordon said the boy heard Williams knocking on the door at about 7 a.m. when his mother was in the shower, preparing for work. Williams yelled at the boy to let him in but the boy didn’t open the door. Then, the boy saw Williams trying to get into the back door, which was also locked. He then saw Williams go to the window of the room where his little brother was sleeping.

Williams did gain entry into the house, Gordon said, and went to the bathroom, where he stopped the mother from getting dressed and getting out of the bathroom. Williams and the boy’s mother “got into a tussle,” Gordon said, as she tried to escape. At about this time, the boy grabbed a mobile phone and ran out the front door and called 911.

“By that time, the mother had grabbed a blanket and escaped the house and ran out on the lawn, screaming for help,” Gordon said. “A neighbor heard her and came down the street and ran to the house and helped to get the little brother out. Williams saw the neighbor and fled the scene in his vehicle.”

“The boy did everything right,” he said again. “He didn’t open the door, he found a phone, he called 911, he kept his head through the entire thing.”

Williams was arrested “without incident” and was transported to Northern Inyo Hospital for medical clearance and then transported to the Inyo County Jail in Independence.

Some of the charges pending against Williams in Mono County will include inflicting corporal injury, burglary, false imprisonment, and child cruelty.

The boy is the second Mono County child to demonstrate courage and clear thinking under pressure recently. In January, a 9-year-old Mammoth girl awoke to find her house on fire and ran outside and called 911. Her parents, already affected by smoke inhalation and carbon monoxide, might not have woken up in time to prevent serious injury or death if she had not, according to the Mammoth Lakes Fire Department.