New stuff was built in 2012

Parks, tracks, you-name it

A distant observer might have thought poor ol’ Mammoth was just going to dry up and call it quits, what with all the national, state and local press about the town’s tightrope-walk along the brink of financial ruin.

But with a combination of Measure R and Measure U funds, coupled with careful planning, political willpower and the force of volunteerism, Mammoth just kept chugging ahead.

New in 2012 was the construction of Land’s End Park adjacent to the Skate Park; the Whitmore Track near the Whitmore Pool; a refurbished Tubing Park at Mammoth Mountain Ski Area; a high-altitude training center adjacent to Main Lodge; and, finally, Elizabeth Tenney’s Gateway/Welcome project featuring not one, but two, gigantic welcome signs on S.R. 203.