NRA only interested in profit


As a boy scout in the early 60s, I learned gun safety and how operate a single shot .22 rifle—promoted by the National Rifle Association. 

At that time, the NRA was owned and operated by law abiding gun owners who understood what was appropriate for ownership and use.

Today there are only 12 million of those members so it is important to ask how the NRA has $200 million to lobby against laws that might influence the availability of guns. 

That money comes from the manufacturers. 

And the spokesperson, Wayne LaPierre, even has the audacity to announce publicly in a Senate hearing that the NRA owns enough people in Congress to have their way with the passage of laws that affect the sale and promotion of weapons that most Americans don’t want in their own neighborhood. 

It is naive to believe that the NRA is interested in anything other than the profits by the manufacturers that contribute to this huge budget. And they are the first to admit it.

Clint Hyde

Mammoth Lakes