Parking fines, other fees to jump in Mammoth


$45 for a regular ticket, $75 for snow zones, fire lanes

Mammoth’s coffers would grow by about $7,500 a year under a new plan to raise police department fines and fees.

Among several fee increases, parking fines would rise from $35 or $37 per citation to $50 or $75 for more serious violations, such as parking in a snow or fire lane.

Among brand-new fees, there would be a Special Police Service fee to be charged to promoters of special events where additional officers are required to work overtime.

“Amending the Police Department’s fines and fees will offset the costs of services provided, and increase much needed revenue,” said Police Chief Dan Watson, who introduced the measure at a meeting of the Town Council on Wednesday, May 1.

To make the new fine-and-fee structure official, Watson asked the council to amend a town resolution that sets such fees.

Fee increases cover a wide spectrum of activity, according to the spreadsheet Watson presented to the council.

It includes everything from dog licensing ($13 to $20 for neutered animals and from $30 to $50 for non-neutered) to parking restrictions.

The biggest jump, however, is in the area of processing false alarms.

Currently, a first-time residential false alarm call costs nothing by way of a fee or citation, and a second false alarm within six months would stay the same at $34. After that, though, the costs of the fees would rise sharply.

A third-time residential false alarm within six months would go from $34 to $68; a fourth timer would go from $34 to $136, and for false alarms totaling five or more in a six-month period, the fee would go from its present level of $34 per incident to $272.

Similar increases in false alarm fees would go into effect for businesses, as well.

As for the new Special Events fee, a promoter would be billed $150 per officer per hour, with a four-hour minimum, according to the spreadsheet.