Politics, bears and crime in this week's Mammoth Times

It's May! And that means politics, crime and bears.

Now that it's legal again to park on Mammoth streets—the winter season is officially over— be careful out there.
The bears are out and Wildlife Specialist Steve Searles warns that fines and penalties might possibly be in order if people don't step feeding our wildlife.
But that might be the least of our concerns.
According to the story line-up in this week's Mammoth Times, an unsuspecting resident or visitor might trip over one of the 17 politicians who are vying for seats in the June 3 primary, and two of them might be The Law.
The paper offers a rundown of the race for Mono County Sheriff, with MLPD Reserve Officer Ingrid Braun, for 21 years a member of the Los Angeles Police Department, squaring off against sitting Sheriff Ralph Obenberger, who was appointed to the post in 2012 after the resignation of then-Sheriff Rick Scholl.
It's a fascinating race so far as politics go, but that's not the only thing happening in Mammoth these days.
It was a crazy week for crime in Mammoth and Mono County, and in the halls of policy-making, citizens were hard at work trying to resolve issues in connection with the formation of "Mammoth Lakes Recreation"—a proposed non-governmental entity that ostensibly would "take the politics out of recreation" in the town.
There are the regular features, too, such as the "What's up, up here?" column on Page 3 and the the "Out View" editorial on Page 7.
We hope you like this edition, and we'll check back in on May 8 with a brand-new Mammoth Times.