'Pond Skim' back to its normal zaniness

The annual Pond Skim at Canyon Lodge was back in form last Sunday, April 22 at Canyon Lodge, and it was about time.

In the two springs before this one, Closing Day at Canyon was all about snow, cold temperatures and wind—not exactly what Mammoth Mountain Ski Area executive Bill Cockroft and P.A. Announcer Extraordinaire Scottie Marzonie had in mind when they created the event 13 years ago.

“The last two years were freezing, snowing and overcast,” Marzonie said. “Originally, the pond skim started as just a big, fun, water sun-bathing, bikini-style party, so lots of people used to show up.”

This year, they did.

Performing in 75-degree temperatures with sunny skies, about 65 skiers and snowboarders hit the pond, in varying degrees of dress and undress.

They competed in a 1-2-3 format for Best Dressed, Best Crash, and Best Overall skim as well, and boy did they pay the price.

This year the pond was 107 feet long, 30 feet wide and four feet deep. The water temperature, Marzonie said, was about 37 degrees.

Hundreds of spectators watched the event from the pond, or on the roof at Canyon Lodge.

Marzonie was at his usual best, inspired by the weather, the participation and the tradition.

“It was just a great crowd, great weather, the pond was in good shape and it was filled nice and early, so it really turned out to be an awesome event,” Marzonie said.

“Everything went in a positive direction. It was a great day to close Canyon.”