Public meetings on forest travel management program this year

Controversial system to close, open roads up for public input

 Nearly a decade ago, in response to growth in Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) recreation on public lands across the country, inventories and planning for motorized travel management on the Inyo National Forest began, according to an Inyo National Forest news release. 

This summer, the forest will host two public meetings to update the public on the status of the “travel management” program this year: June 11 in Mammoth and June 13 in Bishop.

“The 2005 National Travel Management Rule provided guidance for motorized travel management planning on national forests,” the release stated. “The goal was to designate and maintain a sustainable system of roads and trails that provide an array of motorized recreational opportunities and access to recreation destinations, while ensuring protection of natural and cultural resources.

 “In 2009, the Inyo National Forest finished an Environmental Impact Statement for Motorized Travel Management, which designated a system of approximately 2,350 miles of motorized trails and roads, of which 2,200 miles are available for OHV use.

 “Since 2010, the forest service has been implementing a variety of actions in the 2009 decision.  Many routes have received mitigations or repairs that have stabilized the routes to protect resources and ensure that the routes remain open to use.  Identification of the legal motorized system is a primary goal of implementation. Major efforts have been focused on signing of system routes—including some highly desired loop systems—and clearly marking or physically closing and restoring unauthorized routes that were not added to the system.  

“With the help of forest service engineering and trail crews, local volunteers and partners, American Conservation Experience crews, and with substantial funding assistance from the California Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division (CA OHMVR), implementation of the 2009 decision is on track to be substantially complete in 2014.”

  For more information, contact Marty Hornick at 760-873-2461 or


  • Tuesday, June 11, Mammoth Lakes Community Center, 1000 Forest Trail, 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
  • Thursday, June 13, Inyo National Forest Supervisor’s Office, 351 Pacu Lane, Bishop (behind DMV office on Line St.), 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.