Punk Rock legends Agent Orange rock Mammoth

DJ Rodneyo got things moving with a varied selection of hip-hop, electronic, and club classics, and kept the music going between bands.

The hip-hop group Smear Tactics, of Bishop, opened the show followed by Reno based punk band, 10 Cent Mistake. Agent Orange took the stage last.

Smear Tactics consisted of three emcees with DJ Rodneyo playing the beats they supplied. They put on a high energy performance in an original and somewhat old-school style, bouncing rhymes off one another and rhyming in unison.

The five-piece band 10 Cent Mistake was made up of a singer, two guitar players, a bass player, and two alternating drummers. The first drummer, who played most of the show, looked to be in high school and sounded like a seasoned punk rock drummer. They fired out gritty and screaming, song after song, which got the pit stirred up real nice.

Agent Orange, a power trio, is made up of original singer/guitar player Mike Palm, a drummer, and a bass player. They played loud, fast, songs nonstop for about two hours; including their classic song “Bloodstains.”

The pit swirled feverishly all night. Bodies flailed and thrashed, occasionally slamming on the beer-soaked floor. Don’t worry though, people always helped the fallen back to their feet.

At one point, all the ladies were called out to the floor for their own special girls only song. With the males cleared out, the females in the house had the pit to themselves.

Let me tell you. Those chicks definitely got down.

I got a chance to talk to Palm after the show, while helping to carry some gear to their van.

Palm and his bandmates were very humble and grateful for the successful show in Mammoth Lakes. I hope they come back soon.

Some people lost blood that night. Some left with a limp, bruises, or a fat lip.

Most left with smiles and lasting memories.