RAW: Burglar steals drugs from Vons Pharmacy

A 5-foot, 8-inch burglar wearing a hooded sweatshirt and a red bandana mask broke into Vons Pharmacy Sunday night, Oct. 27, but eluded capture after swiping an unknown quantity of prescription drugs.

A Vons employee said a customer spotted the crime in progress, although the witness told police it was impossible to tell if the burglar were a man or a woman.

The incident happened at about 11:15 p.m., according to Mammoth Lakes Police.

When police arrived, the Vons employee said she saw someone trying to break into the pharmacy, then climb onto the roof. When police investigated, they said they did not find any suspects.

However, when officers entered the building through an open exterior window, they said the found the cash register had been attempted to be forced open, and that "a quantity" of prescription drugs was gone.

The MLPD said they could not confirm how many drugs, or what type, were stolen "until a complete inventory is completed."

Police said the suspect, still at large as of Monday noon, Oct. 28, was wearing "a dark hooded jacket or sweatshirt with the hood pulled over the suspect’s head and a red scarf or bandana covering the face."

Officers also said the suspect was wearing, "skinny jeans," light colored gloves and gray sneakers. They said the store's surveillance video captured the suspect's image, and that he or she left the building "carrying a large amount of medication out of the pharmacy."

Anyone with information regarding this crime is asked to contact the Mammoth Lakes Police Department and speak with Detective Doug Hornbeck or Sergeant Marc Moscowitz.

Police asked people with information about this event to call the MLPD at 760-934-2011 or 760-914-1880.