RAW: Several hikers evacuated by Search and Rescue over weekend

At least three different hikers in three different locations had to be evacuated by Mono County Search and Rescue teams over the past weekend, following accidents that caused minor injuries.

Here's the latest according to the county's search and rescue team:
Woman evacuated from Donohue Pass area Saturday
On Saturday, August 4, 2012, the Mono County Sheriff Search and Rescue (SAR) Team responded in aid of an injured hiker on the Donohue Pass. The 58-year-old female was hiking with her friend on the trail near Donohue Pass.
The terrain was wet due to a recent thunderstorm. The subject fell down onto some rocks sustaining injuries to her right knee and left ankle. The two hikers were able to camp overnight on the southeast side of Donohue Pass. She determined her injuries were serious enough, after resting awhile, that she would be unable to continue on the hike or exit the backcountry.
Her friend hiked to a location that had cell phone reception and called 911 requesting evacuation by a pack horse or mule. Mono County Sheriff’s Dispatch received the call via Kings Canyon National Park.
Personnel from the local Pack Station and from the Tuolumne Stables were contacted. Both were unable to evacuate the victim due to staff shortages and the nature of the injuries and the risk of falling off a horse.
Due to the location, Yosemite National Park was contacted. Their helicopter was able to respond to the area and locate the victim. The helicopter then transported her to medical facilities in the park for further evaluation and treatment.
Woman evacuated from Hilton Creeks area Sunday after suffering fall
On Sunday, August 5, 2012, the Mono County Sheriff Search and Rescue (SAR) Team responded in aid of an injured hiker around Hilton Lakes.
The 58-year-old female, an off-duty nurse, and her friend were hiking a rock slope at about 11,000’ above Hilton Lakes. She slipped and fell down onto some rocks that were wet from the thunder storms the previous evening. She sustained an ankle injury and was unable to safely descent the steep terrain. Her friend made camp for her and hiked out to the Rock Creek Pack Station and called 911 for help.
The SAR team was dispatched to the area. Efforts to obtain helicopter assistance to aid in the evacuation were made but were delayed due to capable resources being busy during this time of year. Sixteen SAR members responded and staged at the pack station. A check of the area revealed a ground, carry out could be initiated safely.
Ground teams were able to locate the victim with the help of her friend. The victim was assessed and placed into a wheeled litter. The team transported her back to the pack station where she was driven by her friend to Mammoth Hospital for treatment.
Girl evacuated from Sherwin Lakes area Friday
On Friday, August 3, 2012, the Mono County Sheriff Search and Rescue (SAR) Team responded in aid of an 11-year-old female, who was hiking with her family on the Sherwin Lakes trail.
She had twisted her ankle on a rock resulting in a fall that injured her knee.  She was unable to continue the hike out. Her father, a medical geriatric care manager, called 911 and requested help in evacuating his daughter from the trail.
The SAR team was dispatched to the area. Ten SAR members responded. Ground teams were able to locate the family on the trail and evacuate the victim. She was transported back to the trailhead by wheeled litter and taken to Mammoth Hospital via her family for further treatment.
Source: Mono County Sheriff's Department