Recreation implementation strategy approved

Start with a vision and then develop a plan. That’s how Mammoth demonstrates its devotion to recreation. Town Council considered an implementation plan Wednesday for the previously approved vision.

The town’s devotion is unique in its two-pronged approach to recreation as both a quality of life concern and an economic concern, according to Carl Ribaudo, founder of the Strategic Marketing Group.

The group provided consulting services for the visioning and planning projects. He said throughout his 20-year career, he has never seen another town commit to both aspects of recreation.

The RECSTRATS (recreation strategy) process was designed to deliver a recreation vision and strategy while also identifying opportunities that might be realized by formalizing the Town’s relationship with the Inyo National Forest. The visioning process was completed in November 2010 with approval by town council, according to the project’s website.

Eight community workshops that took place between March 2 and June 23 provided input for a plan to implement the approved recreation vision.

Ribaudo presented the plan — its components as well as what is missing.

“Supporters of [arts and culture] need to come together, develop a strategic direction, and provide the leadership for the community.”

Mayor Jo Bacon expressed agreement and Ribaudo emphasized that these elements “can differentiate a community.”

The plan also recommended looking at short-term recreation projects within the perspective of mid-term and long-term projects. Doing so will facilitate the development of priorities.

It also suggested feasibility studies for recreation projects. Such studies should consider potential market demand as well as construction costs, maintenance and operational needs.

Other recommendations listed capital projects that could leverage partner funding.

Although the possibility of a debilitating legal settlement may seriously impact implementation of recreation projects, funds from Measures R and U will be protected from that judgment, according to Andrew Morris, town attorney.

He said that such special taxes, “cannot be legally spent for any other purpose” than recreation.

Council adopted the implementation strategy with a 5-0 vote.