RecStrats team gets ball rolling, with a laugh thrown in for fun

The Recreation Strategies team opened its string of workshops on Wednesday and Thursday at the Community Center, and it sure felt different than most meetings.

The first difference was that the team, consultants from the Strategic Marketing Group of South Lake Tahoe, laid down some strict rules – which one of them promptly broke.

It was a moment of levity that loosened up an audience of several dozen people who had slogged their way through the slush for the four-o’clock session.

“Please make sure that all cell phones and pagers are on silent,” intoned the personable facilitator, Austin McInerney, at the start of the Wednesday meeting.

He ran through five more rules of etiquette before yielding the floor to another speaker.

McInerney sat down in the audience to listen to the next speaker when someone’s cell phone rang.

It was McInerney’s.

“I violated my own rule!” roared McInerney.

The first session yielded no discussion of actual recreation strategies. It was merely to lay out the rules, and to remind people of the process of prioritizing Mammoth’s multitude of sports and activities.

That process (details at, to last into June, is designed to help the Town Council make critical choices on Measure R and Measure U funding next autumn.

Yesterday, the team tackled municipal sports, facilities and programs – one of six “core strategies” that participants in the workshops will discuss.

The RecStrats team presumably had their cell phones set to silent.