Scobie recieves 10-year recognition award


David Scobie, a police officer with the MLPD for 10 years, received a recognition award from the Town Council Wednesday night, and Mayor Matthew Lehman gave him one of the highest compliments a cop could hope for.

“I don’t know David real well,” Lehman said, “but one thing I’ve heard around town is that people really like David Scobie. Even the people who are pulled over by him almost enjoy the experience.

“He’s the epitome of a great officer.”

Scobie was unable to attend the ceremony, but Police Chief Dan Watson accepted the award on Scobie’s behalf.

“When I first got here,” Watson said, “I met with every one of the members of the Police Department and I asked all the officers who was the best officer besides themselves, of course, and David led that list.

“Having watched him for the last two and a half years, I understand why.”