Ski/Snowshoe of the week

Local Kirstin Robin and her two hounds, Skye and Greydog, head up toward Lake Mary Road via the unplowed section of Old Mammoth Road this morning, April 8. Photo/Wendilyn Grasseschi
Wendilyn Grasseschi
Staff Writer

Hmmm... what to do today, this week, the first few hours and days right after the best winter storm of the season? That is a a no brainer! If it's not Mammoth Mountain Ski Area, which just happens to be under a bluebird kind of situation right about now, head on up to where Old Mammoth Road is no longer plowed (just about where the last road to The Bluffs heads off to the east), park your car and strap on your backcountry skis, snowshoes or snow runners and head out along the road which eventually will take you to Lake Mary Road in the Lakes Basin. From there, it's all nothing but wonderful skiing on the one-to-two feet of powdery snow we just received yesterday. But don't wait. It's going to warm up again soon and the snow won't last long. Go on. Get out there.