Smoky skies may be clearing

Eastern Sierra residents can look forward to at least a bit of a break in the smoke this weekend and next week, as the Sheep Fire on the Westside finally dies down after almost two months of pushing smoke over the mountains.

The “let burn” policy on the 7,192-acre fire has pretty much exhausted everyone, including Westsiders, a local air pollution control official said.

“They are as tired of the smoke as we are,” said the Eastern Sierra’s air pollution control district director, Ted Schade.

The Sheep Fire is now being actively suppressed and a line is being cut around it to stop the fire from growing any further, actions which began this past weekend.

Mammoth residents might recall the terrible air quality this past Sunday, when even closed doors and windows were no escape from the smell or the irritation.

That was probably the last and the worst of it, Schade said.
A no-burn policy on prescribed fires is in place for the rest of the season within our local district, he said.