Special thank you to some friendly people!

I would like to publically express my appreciation to Tim Bue and Leslie Yen, both employees of the Inyo National Forest Service and administrators for special use permits on INFS land.

In these times when state, local, and federal government budget cuts are affecting small businessmen in the Eastern Sierra and other areas, it is a pleasure to find a couple of government employees who really care about how businessmen in this area are treated.  
Personnel cuts have made those left in the INFS juggling many tasks and difficult situations with regards to issuing special use permits for those businessmen like myself who rely on competent, understanding people that can get us the necessary permits in order to conduct business on NFS land. 
Kudos to Tim and Leslie, they are a breath of fresh air and their friendly and responsive demeanor will not go without thanks from me.
Tom Loe
Sierra Drifters Guide Service