Swall Meadows, Crowley Lake to get high speed broadband—before Digital 395

The California Public Utilities Commission voted Thursday to approve a $286,398 grant to Verizon California, Inc. to bring high-speed internet broadband service to Swall Meadows and Crowley Lake even before the Digital 395 project is completed, according to Steven Kalish.

Kalish is a Swall Meadows resident who has been working on the issue for several years.

The cable must be in place by Jan. 28, Kalish said.

“They are under orders to get it done by then,” he said.

The new cable is considered to be “mitigation” for previous violations made by Verizon when the company strung aboveground cable between Crowley Lake and Mammoth Lakes without the necessary permit for aboveground cables, he said.

“The grant will cover about 34 percent of the project cost,” Kalish said in an email to the Mammoth Times.

“Download speeds of three megabytes to 10 megabytes per second, and uploads of at least one megabyte per second, will be available to Verizon landline customers for $39 per month, with a one-year service commitment. There will also be a one-time fee of $75 for modem and service activation.” (Non-landline customers can also obtain standalone broadband service, at a higher cost.)

“The new high-speed broadband service will utilize existing copper phone lines to residences, which will be connected through new nodes to Verizon’s existing fiber optic cable running between Bishop and Mammoth Lakes,” he said. 

The grant approval was made by Resolution T-17350, which will be available on the PUC’s website at www.cpuc.ca.gov, he said.