Swimmer breaks leg at Arrowhead, carried out

A 32-year-old swimmer at Arrowhead Lake found out the hard way that rope swings can be dangerous.

The woman suffered a broken leg on Thursday afternoon, Aug. 14, when she  hit a tree while swinging from a rope at the popular swimming spot.
Arrowhead Lake is adjacent to the Duck Pass Trail. That trail starts at the parking lot at Coldwater Campground in the Lakes Basin.
Members from the Mono County search-and-rescue team, along with personnel from Mono County Paramedics and the Mammoth Lakes Fire Department, hiked to her location, stabilized the fracture and transported her one and a half miles, using a wheeled litter, to an ambulance at the trailhead. 
The rescuers got some help a group of cross-country runners from California State University San Marcos. 
The injured hiker was transported via ambulance to Mammoth Hospital for further treatment.