Team Shinsetsu Ten sends its thanks


Team Shinsetsu Ten would like to thank everyone with a big bow who believed and still supports us.

On Oct. 13, TS10 is traveling to Murrieta, Calif., to represent Mammoth Lakes, fighting in Grappling X’s prestigious Pankration Tournament.  Pankration is the oldest form of mixed martial arts.

TS10 would especially like to give a big shout out to: John Teller of Alpine Garage, Mr. and Mrs. Craft of Craft Heating and Sheet Metal, Mr. and Mrs. Presson of Presson Construction Inc., Mr. and Mrs. Kenny of Kenny Roofing, and Mr. Phillip Watts, Mr. and Mrs. Rodriguez of Jose’s Tire Shop, and Chadelle.

Without their invaluable help, to compete at this level of competition would not have been possible. Once again, TS10 would like to thank all of our people in Mammoth and you know who you are.

Team Shinsetsu Ten: Sean Gambetti, Dean Dave, Fernando Mayon, and Wayne Hatfield