Thank you Council and Staff: Happy New Year!


We all need to start the New Year with a pat on the back to the Mammoth Lakes Town Council and Staff.

They solved the MLLA judgment crisis without taxing the innocent. We should all appreciate how hard it is to make difficult decisions that affect people and friends. The Council could have taken the easy way out by taxing homeowners. Thankfully, they did not follow that unfair path. Thank you.

One brave decision was to reduce the size of the Police Department. After that decision settles out, I believe the community can take another hard look and discover that 10 officers is still double what is necessary to provide service to this small town.


However, by not contracting out for services, what I see is that the Council has merely traded the big elephant for a small elephant that will whine and cry at every opportunity that it could do its job if only it were bigger.

Point: The empire building of a Police Department does not serve the community. Example: Why no movement toward volunteer police services? Is it because the union sees volunteer services as taking away a paid union position?

With the recent comments made by the new Sheriff in town, there appears to be opportunity to satisfy the Sheriffs budget issues with services to Mammoth. One would hope that there is a continuing dialogue for one law enforcement agency that can more efficiently serve the Mammoth community without asking for bigger salaries, more equipment, and bigger guns.

Some watchdogs have also been discussing a couple of other issues that the Council might also consider. As a former member of a water district that was incorporated into a new city, why hasn’t the Town incorporated the water district?

Incorporation of the water district into the structure of a new city is a common practice. The income from the district would greatly enhance the financial stability of the community.

And, why has Rusty Gregory been able to walk from his role in creating the judgment? The discussion of a tax on lift tickets was not fair because innocent persons would be paying for Gregory’s meddling.

But what about something that would hit closer to the Gregory operation? Something that takes away from company profits that is difficult to pass on to the local community.

For example, what about an assessment on bar and food service on the mountain that most locals can avoid? It would cost more to wine and dine on the mountain that, in turn, would cause persons to wine and dine in town. Something of that sort. I’m sure that the great minds at Town hall can come up with an even better idea. Keep the assessment on until the judgment bill is paid.

Council and staff: Thank you for your hard work.

Jean Harris

Resident voter