Thank you Fourth of July participants and volunteers

I want to thank all the people who participated in this year’s Fourth of July parade and all the folks who helped put it on.

It takes a lot of people working together, communicating and cooperating to pull off this kind of event: the police, Cal Trans, CERT, the Fire Department.

So many people make this parade a success. In particular I’d like to thank Stuart Brown from the Town of Mammoth Lakes for all of his help with permitting and interagency coordination. Stu did a great job and made the process painless for everyone.

Next I need to thank Quart Keyes from the Chamber. She did a wonderful job of marketing the event, recruiting participants, writing and editing the parade “scripts.”

Third, I want to thank Sue Ebersold who held my hand through the entire planning process and tutored me in the subtle details that she has learned over her years of organizing the parade.

Fourth is Rich Boccia, who supervised parade staging and launching. Rich has done the same job before with the Rose Parade. His experience and competence were noticed and appreciated.

I really appreciate all the parade entries. You can’t have a parade without people, businesses, and organizations that are willing to give up some of their holiday to take part in the parade. In particular, I want to thank Suzie Walczak from the Corvette Owners Club for her energy and enthusiasm.

I am also very grateful to Jen Rossier and John Summers from McGee Creek Pack Station and Mammoth Pack Outfit respectively for their participation in the parade. Horses and mules have played a huge role in the history of the Eastern Sierra. They continue to offer many people a wilderness experience they would otherwise miss. They’re part of our heritage and just plain fun to see. Thank you Jen and John.

Thank you Greg Martino from the A-Frame Liquor store who lets us disrupt his business each year as we line up the parade and to Tom Cage of Kittredge’s who lets us take up valuable parking in front of his store for a flatbed trailer our announcers use. Speaking of the flat bed, thank you Brent Allen of Allen Iron Works for the use of your trailer.

Our announcers this year were Debbie Bailey, Scott Mowatt and Bruce Arnold, Bob Todd and Chuck Scatolini, Cleland Hoff and Ruth Harrell, Jes Schwartzkopf and Greg “Pork Chop” Patrie, Paul Payne, Cliff Corcoran, Lamont Peters, and Kenji Kawaguchi. Thank you all! You did a great job.

Finally a big thank you to our Grand Marshals, all of them Olympians from Mammoth: Deena Kastor, Nancy Fiddler, Robin Morning, Stacey Cook, Tommy Czeschin, and Greg Bretz. They are so generous of their time and supportive of our community. Thank you Olympians! It takes a team of dedicated and generous people to plan and execute this parade. We are lucky to have a town full of these kinds of people.

I have undoubtedly left out some equally important people; for that I apologize. Thank you all. What a great parade. See you next year.

Jack Copeland
Mammoth Chamber of Commerce