To those in District 4


We all know that Mammoth is facing a steep uphill climb in order to overcome the economic recession of the last few years and the depressed property values that resulted.

And now we need to deal with a staggering debt.

We have a local election next month that gives us the opportunity to choose another Mono County Supervisor, and that choice is extremely important if we are to overcome the divide between the Town and County that has hampered achieving solutions that will help economic growth of our tourism economy both in Mammoth and the rest of the county. 

I recommend and support Bob Peters to be elected to the District 4 seat, which now includes a portion of Mammoth. If you have any questions why I support Bob please feel free to call me 760-934-3399. No matter what, please remember to vote on Nov. 6.

Bob has been a business owner in Bridgeport for 13 years, and has been actively involved in Mono County service for 12 of those years. He has served on the County Tourism Commission and understands Mammoth’s problems, and has worked collaboratively to help not only Mammoth, but communities all over the county.

Bob understands the importance of Mammoth as the economic engine of Mono County and its effect on our rural areas. 

The election of Bob Peters is of critical importance, and I urge all District 4 voters to join me in supporting him.

Tom Cage

Mammoth Resident and business owner