Twenty-eight Mono County residents have yet to claim state refunds


About $3,000 in unclaimed state tax refunds is sitting around, waiting for 28 Mono County residents to claim their money.

A total of $14 million awaits taxpayers in other counties, according to the state tax board. The most common reason taxpayers don’t get their refunds is because they move and don’t update their addresses with the state Franchise Tax Board.

“I want to make sure all taxpayers receive their refunds and as quickly as possible,” said State Controller John Chiang, who chairs the Franchise Tax Board, in a recent press release. “This is an easy way update your contact information and get the refund before the holiday season.”

The Franchise Tax Board keeps track of the number of people in each county who have yet to claim their refunds. If those people do not claim their refunds, the money sits in a pot until the STB gets a change of address from the taxpayer, usually the following year when a new tax claim is filed. If the FTB loses track of the taxpayer altogether, the unclaimed refunds go into the state’s general fund.

Another way to lessen the chances of not getting your refund is to set up a direct deposit process with the FTB.

“People can avoid losing their refund, even if they do move, by setting up a direct deposit process with us,” said Denise Azimi, a spokeswoman with the FTB. “People tend to keep their bank account numbers far longer than they do their physical addresses, so it’s a good way to get your refund sooner, and make sure you get it in the first place.”

If you are one of the 28 taxpayers in Mono County who did not get your refund, here’s what to do:

“Updating an address is easy through the ‘Access MyFTB Account’ feature on FTB’s website,” according to the press release. “FTB reissues returned refunds automatically once a new address is received. Taxpayers expecting a state refund, or unsure if they received their refund, can access FTB’s ‘Check Your Refund Status.’ This service is available in both English and Spanish.

“FTB encourages taxpayers to use direct deposit when filing their tax returns. Direct deposit is a fast and secure method to receive your tax refund within days rather than waiting weeks for a paper refund. This year, more than 6 million California taxpayers received more than $6.2 billion directly into their bank accounts through direct deposit.”