Un-scrooged for the holidays!


I love the holidays, or at least many things about it. I love the festivities, the decorations, the music, and most of all the gathering of family and friends. However, as time has gone on I have found myself sporting a very “scroogish” attitude toward gift giving.

Entering the holidays I have increasingly resented the self-imposed pressure to run around and buy gifts for people who I feel already have more than they need. I love my family and friends very much, but I don’t think that gifts necessarily express love.

I had a realization the other day, one that makes gift giving for me this season mean much, much more. I decided that I am going to buy all of my gifts locally ... no purchases out of town.

Being a resident of June Lake, I think it is especially important this year, perhaps more than others.

There are wonderful shops in June Lake, and Mammoth, full of wonderful things to give.

You think your brother wants an iPod? No, no, what he really wants is some candy from Cathy’s Candy, or a gift certificate from Ernie’s for springtime tackle. How about mom?

What she is really hoping you will get her is a handcrafted item, a book from the Booky Joint, or maybe a massage. In June Lake alone there are many shops carrying handcrafted items. There are also gift certificates available at restaurants, hotels, shops, and spas. Hey, you can even shop the JL Thrift Store, through which the Women’s Club acquires funds to support local needs. Oh, and I wouldn’t DARE forget to give my doggie’s homemade cookies from Tailwaggers! It’s an annual tradition!

I know “shop local” is not a new concept, but my decision to shop only at local businesses this season brings a lot more meaning and purpose to my gift giving this year, and has “Un-scrooged” me! I encourage all of you to do the same.

Ann Tozier

June Lake