VIDEO: Michael Phelps Is the Greatest Swimmer Ever And He Isn't Done

Staff Writer

Four years ago after the 2012 Olympics, Michael Phelps announced he was retiring. in 2016 he has announced that he is back by winning three more gold medals, for the 4 by 100 relay, the 200 meter butterfly, and 4 by 200 relay. Phelps must be considered to be the greatest swimmer in the history of the sport after winning a total of 21 gold medals and 25 overall. At 31 years old, Phelps is the only swimmer to ever compete in 5 Olympic games. This coming from a man who said he lost his passion for the sport after the last Olympics in London. Phelps told Reuters, ""I tried to bite off more than I could handle in 2012, but I want to be here now." That is evident in his inspirational performance so far. Phelps will be competing for gold in the 100 meter butterfly on Thursday night.