Village Championship racers go ‘old school’


Vintage races follow dual giant slalom

It was Retro Day on Mammoth Mountain Tuesday, when racers in the Village Championships held their fifth annual “Vintage Races.”

Team Das Scheisse Pro and Andie’s Flying Circus led the way with the most team members dressed in retro clothing. West Vane, Cameron Snyder, and Jimmy Greenleaf were so into the Vintage they used their vintage straight skis in the regular VC race—a dual GS on Fascination—to get some extra practice in.

The course started off with some tight turns, then it opened up and got fast. However there was one cracker at the second-to-last gate, and although it caught a lot of racers off guard who didn’t have their eyes up and weren’t looking ahead, one person who wasn’t tricked by course setter Eric Smith was James Tautkus.

Tautkus had the fastest combined time of the day and was the only racer to have a sub-20 second run.

Nick Treat, Kelly Duff, and Jay Johnson all put in fast combine times.

Also taking place was a brother and sister race, Mike McGrale vs. Michelle Hansen (Michelle beat her brother in combined time).

In the Recreational Team Division, Das Scheisse Pro had a commanding, 21-point lead, and with only two races left, it was a safe bet to say they had the Recreational Title locked up.

In the Elite Division, the Miramar Dinosaurs were trying to make a move to pass Andie’s Flying Circus in the final two races, but came up a little short. They finished second on Tuesday to Andie’s, making it nearly impossible to catch them.

Tautkus was the fastest racer in the VC race and also was the fastest skier in the Vintage Race.

He used his old-school Rossignol 7XK Super G with a Derbyflex plate.

Not to be outdone, Tom Petersen raced on old Volkl Super G skis.

The most unique outfit was worn by Lyle Pelletier, a black, half-dome helmet with a hot pink vest. Practically everyone was dressed in 80s day glow, stretch pants, one-piece suits, and padded sweaters. 

(Also, somehow, some way, Cameron Snyder managed to fit in a woman’s size 6 red stretch pants.)

However, special recognition goes to Bob Johnson who was on the oldest skis and bindings and was also the oldest competitor.


Elite Division:Andie’s 306; Dinosaurs, 302; Masters 295.

Recreational Division:Das Scheisse Pro 286; FWCC 265; F.R.O.G.S. 263.

Legend A:Kelly Duff, Jay Johnson, Tom Petersen.

Legend B:Dan O’Connell, Alan Berry, Mike Sibert.

Men’s A: James Tautkus , Nick Treat, Zach Ergish.

Men’s B:Eric Smith, Chris Adams, Justin Richards.

Women’s:Valerie Porges, Kara Munsey, Janine Porges.